Trend in Open Restaurant Kitchens Enhancing Dining Experiences

In the past, restaurant customers may have preferred to have their favorite meals to miraculously come out from behind closed doors, with no signal whatsoever about how the sausage is prepared literally or figuratively. After years of hearing fast food and big food horror stories that will turn your stomach, however, the prototypical modern diner seems to want transparency rather than mystery.

However, in the modern world, many eateries are deciding to shift the cooking wide gap closer to the dining room, with modern design open kitchens on view to all. In this way, consumers can please their inquisitiveness and find out what is cooking in professional kitchens, as well as being reassured as to the hygiene conditions. Food safety and hygiene, however, are not the only critical factor in this kind of venue; it is also and above all the importance of taste. Not only does the consumer show more appreciation for food he sees being cooked, but the chefs themselves perform better when they see the diners enjoying their dishes.

It is no secret that running a restaurant is like putting on a show every single day. The growth in the number of open restaurant kitchens, which enable both diners and chefs to observe each other, therefore, display kitchens are experiencing a great response everywhere from quick-service restaurants to fine dining.

The best meals would appear to be served in those eateries where customers and chefs can see eye to eye. So if chefs and diners have the ability to observe each other, does this change the restaurant experience? According to a study, the answer is yes. The study says that “when cooks and customers both could see one another, satisfaction went up 17.3 percent and service was 13.2 percent faster.” It goes on to give details that transparency between customers and providers seems to really improve service. Here is what else you should know about this growing trend and how it will affect the service industry.

The Impact on Chefs and Cooks

A compassionate link between the manufacturer of a service or product and the buyer is inclined to enhance the total experience for both parties. When a chef may look their diners in the eyes, that interaction gives a deeper meaning for the work the chef is doing. When the job has more significance, it is as well seems to get done with more quality.

As mentioned above seeing diners can motivate chefs since many cooks enjoy interacting with their customers. This individual link seems to enhance the client’s experience as well as the chef’s experience, making it a clear win-win for the open-kitchen concept.

  The Impact on the Customer Experience

The open-kitchen notion as well seems to enhance the client experience. In other words, people who observed the chef thought the service was better, because they could see the effort being made. The food itself may have also been prepared well because the staff could see the diners watching and waiting in front of them.

In conclusion, the notion supporting an open kitchen is clear, but your restaurant will also need to put its best foot forward when the kitchen is on display. The images your staff and kitchen produce may assist build your restaurant’s reputation. Since your kitchen staff will be engaging with customers, consider investing in uniforms that communicate the professional, customer-centric image you want. You will as well want to make sure that your employees maintain a clean kitchen throughout service so that customers peering in are not turned off by a messy prep area or dirty floors.